Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are sweet peas poisonious to dogs?

i was wondering if they were because i would like to start planting them along my fence but if it is poisonous to dogs and children then I'm obviously going to choose a different climber this year. any suggestions for climbers in zone 5a?

Are sweet peas poisonious to dogs?
i don't think they are. actually if you break one of the stems and see a milk colour liquid comming out of it then refrain as it may be poisonous to both human and animals.
Reply:if they are not poisonous to humans, definetely not to dogs
Reply:i dont know but i heard that grapes %26amp; and raisens are.
Reply:Sweet peas are perfectly fine for dogs. In fact, they're a healthy snack.
Reply:im a human and ther Poisonious too me LOL there not poisonious too me there Just YUCKY Plus i dont think the dog will want those YUCK PEAS

What is the best way to plant sweet peas from seed?

I have an old gardening book with about three pages of somewhat conflicting advice. The universal element appears to be well aged manure and secondarily, lots of well rotted leaves.

I have never had success with annual sweet peas (although I do have the perennial) in all my years of gardening and I have river bottom soil in my garden. This year, I added lots of chicken manure and decaying leaves to various areas of the garden and planted sweet peas. I soaked some of the seeds, did not soak others - I will see what happens. The seeds should be sprouting shortly. Mid April is about as late as the seeds can be planted here in Ohio, Zone 5b. A lot of the directions say to plant as soon as the soil can be worked. Once the weather heats up, there is no chance at all.

What is the best way to plant sweet peas from seed?
soak them in a saucer of water and kitchen paper for a week or more until they sprout.then plant out in pots or outside if weather is suitable.


Sweet Peas when do I take off the pods please?

Hi My sweet peas have finished flowering unfortunatley and am left with just the pods which have seeds in them I presume can anyone help with what I do with this pods and when. Many thanks

Sweet Peas when do I take off the pods please?
If the pods are still green you may still be in time to encourage more flowers by cutting them all off now and watering the plants well. It you want to save the seeds however wait till the pods start to lose their colour and then pick them and put them in a paper not plastic bag to finish ripening/drying out.If the peas are not the "vegatable" type do not eat them.
Reply:I'm going to take it you mean the type of flowers that are known as sweet peas and not the vegetable. If you're wanting to collect seed pods in order to use the seeds next year, you need to wait until they're dry. Try to do it before the first frost, because that will often cause the pods to open and the seeds fall out. Otherwise, just let them become quite dry before you pick them.
Reply:sweet peas and beans are really fun to grow, becasue they grow so quickly and the flowers are pretty.

You can take the pods off and eat them just as they are at any time when they seem ready. Some people like them to be really tiny and eat them whole when they are tender and young.

Some like to let the peas inside grow and then take those out of the pod and eat those by themselves.

Fresh vegetables are the best.. steam them, a tiny bit of salt, and there you go.. enjoy!
Reply:Since the sweet peas are done blooming, you can leave those pods on the vine until just before the first frost. Then pick the pods, take the seeds out and store them. They are free seeds for next years planting. Or, let mother nature take care of it. The pods will dry, hang on the vine and hopefully pop open to allow the seeds to drop and start new plants. I have found this to be the easiest, but do often times need to help the seeds out of the pod mid winter by rubbing them open. Happy planting. And aren't those sweet peas just the most fragrant for such a small flower. Love em.,
Reply:Because you have left the pods on this is why you have no flowers, once a plant thinks it has enough seeds it will stop producing flowers, when growing in future take seed pods as soon as they begin if you want the seed for the following year leave to ripen you will be able to feel the pea's inside the pod,

for all plants as the flowers die of you should remove them except when growing on for seed's.

Question about sweet pea seeds...???

Should I pick the pods now while they are still green and then lay out the seeds to dry...?


Is it best to wait until the pods are dry and then pick them from the vines...?


Are both ways okay?

Question about sweet pea seeds...???
No. If you are going to save seeds from your vines, it is best to wait until they are dry and papery and then put them in a paper bag and hang them with a clothespin in a warm and dry place. When they burst open in the bag, you can collect them and put them in a cool and dry place until ready to plant.

Where can I buy Sweet Pea? And how much does it coast?

The perfume

Where can I buy Sweet Pea? And how much does it coast?
Bath and Body Works...$11.95 =)
Reply:Bath and body works and it costs anywhere from 7.00-25.00 depending on what you buy. You can get lotion, body wash and body spray.

try going to
Reply:Sry idk where to get the purfume, but at bath and body works they have the sweet pea body mist. %26lt;3!!!

How do you stop the water smelling like a compost heap when your'e using the vase for sweet peas?

Should the water be changed everyday?

How do you stop the water smelling like a compost heap when your'e using the vase for sweet peas?
Try putting in a little bleach and re-cut the ends on an angle. This should also extend the life of the cuttings.
Reply:Wash the vase out with hot sudsy water, then add fresh tap water. You may need to do this on a daily basis to keep the smell down.
Reply:In warm weather, not that we have had an awful lot of that lately, if you have time, change water daily. If you are a tad forgetful, like me, try putting a small drop of bleach in the water to start with. Works for me.
Reply:I do not like bleach in the water and I do not think the flowers do either. A squeeze of lemon juice, fresh or concentrated real lemon juice, but I often use vinegar. Two teaspoons to the liter. Change water every other day.

Off the subject:

As far as bleach goes it is used in warm climates to "purify" vegetables grown in the EARTH, i.e. carrots, lettuce, radishes, cabbage and other vegetables, esp. if eaten raw.

I scrub first and leave in bleach and water for 20 minutes and then drain/allow to dry, (even for cantaloupe and papaya). Ratio is 2 teaspoons per liter. This prevents abrorption of paracytes and amebes.
Reply:every other day.
Reply:usr flat lemonade it makes the flowers last longer and does not smell or stain the vase.
Reply:You should really change the water everyday if possible, but a drop of bleach in the water will stop it smelling nasty and extend the life of your flowers. I also every other day cut a tiny bit off the stems and add some lemonade to the water as it feeds the flowers and makes them last even longer.


When to plant sweet peas?

When should I plant my sweet pea seeds?

When to plant sweet peas?
as long as the soil is not too moist. Test it by taking a handful and squeezing it. If it stays together as a lump you are good to go. Sweet peas like to germinate in cool soil.

Right now where I am I am planning on sowing them on Friday.

I would ( and will) soak them in a glass of water for 24 hours before hand. This just gives them a helping hand in braking the outside protective coating.

Have fun.
Reply:You didn't say where you live, but in general after danger of frost has past for spring planting, and you can also plant in fall when the heat of summer has started to fade and you expect slightly cooler days. heat will shorten the life of the plants and they should bloom until first fairly hard frost. to speed up germination soak the seeds in water over night and plant about 1 " deep-Mitch
Reply:I would plant them now. A little trick of the trade is to soak your seeds over night in lukewarm water. More on the cooler side than warm. This helps them germinate faster. Then follow the package directions and make sure you remember that they need quite a bit of sun. I love sweet peas!
Reply:In Southern Australia we generally start planting sweet peas on St Patricks day (17 March). This is one of those old rules of gardening.

Using this rule of thumb anytime in early/mid Autumn would be appropriate. Things are cooling down after summer and the summer annuals are past their best. Time to replace them.
Reply:The only area where it is to cold now is the northern tear of states like: North Dakota, Main, Wisconsin, Alaska, Montana.

They can take some cold.
Reply:As soon as soil temperature's reached 50 degrees.